Natural and Plant colour based products are not a popular choice for consumers.

This is mainly because of lack of awareness. Lack of awareness about the existence of these products, the process and research behind their production. The lack of knowledge about the versatility, environmental benefits and the onus of choosing naturally coloured products. Many manufacturers and researchers are investing time and resources to refine and improve the natural colour user experience but sadly, much of the efforts in this area go unnoticed.

Cirana earth will create more avenues for connecting :


Makers and Users


Teachers and Learners


Interested persons and Researchers

Currently a consumer cannot learn of the authenticity or safety of a naturally coloured product.

The lack of policy and regulation around the manufacture and use of natural colours means that there is limited access to information about the authenticity of raw materials used to produce them. Similarly, there is also some ambiguity about the environmental soundness of producing and using naturally coloured products.

Cirana earth will add value by curating :

Manufacturers, Creators and Brands employing


Pure plant based colours and natural pigments


Safe mordants


Safe production and dyeing methods

Why Cirana

Although plant colour based products are not ubiquitous today, If there were more avenues for:
- Makers to connect with different kinds of users and vice versa
- Teachers and learners to connect with each other
- Interested persons to connect with researchers and scientific or technical literature

it would enable  more positive interaction in the plant colour community.

Increased interaction could help increase the reach of these products. Also, popularising the research and academic work in this space could serve to increase the credibility of plant colours in the mainstream.

Currently there is no way for a consumer to know whether the end product they use is coloured using original plant based colours.

Cirana will add value by curating, self declared manufacturers, brands and personalities working with:

  • Pure plant based colours & natural pigments

  • Safe mordants

  • Safe production and dyeing methods

In order to enable consumers and learners to connect with authentic brands and mentors, Cirana will curate manufacturers, brands and creators on its platform.

Cirana  will add value by curating manufacturers, brands and personalities using:

Frequently asked questions

What are plant colours?

Permanent colours that fix to media including textiles, leather, paper , derived from plants, flowers, leaves, roots and stems of dye yielding plants are called plant colours.

Are plant colours also called natural dyes?

Yes, at times, plant colours are also called natural dyes as plants are found in nature. Generally, the term “natural dyes “ includes colours derived from sources such as animal pigments and earth pigments.

Why are plant colours difficult to apply?

Plant based colurs are not usually available in a standardised form (powders, liquids etc) and need to be extracted from raw dye stuffs (dried/fresh flowers, stems, leaves). After colour extraction, a dye bath is created into which the medium to be dyed is immersed and dyed (Textiles, leather). Due to this, some may find plant based colours difficult to apply.

Why are plant colours difficult to find?

Plant colours are not usually extracted and stored readily in shops in a standardised form (powders, liquids etc). They are usually freshly extracted from sources and therefore they may be difficult to find.

Is it easy to find standarised plant colurs?

The Cirana website will curate producers and manufacturers of
standardised, plant colours.

What is the biggest problem for manufacturers
when it comes to plant based colours ?

Producing repeatably, consistent shades of high quality is a result that is very difficult to achieve when using plant based colours. Results vary depending on the quality of dyestuffs and mordants, season , technique, experience of dyer and also on local water quality. Many manufacturers and brands use unique and often times, proprietary processes, after much experimentation and expense to achieve consistent, durable shades. Although this is a universal problem, consistent results are also what sets certain manufacturers and brands apart from others in the marketplace.

How can I be sure that a brand truly uses plant colours ?

Interaction and trust are two intangible ways in which a consumer can be sure that a brand uses pure plant based colours. Cirana tries to achieve this result by interacting with players in the plant colours space and listing their details through contact forms.